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Aircraft operators have a wide range of data available through ACARS to monitor and manage their fleet's performance. Archimedes cuts through the clutter to simplify this process.

Archimedes provides a means of blending, managing and monitoring data communication streams across inflight - ACARS – and ground based systems. Archimedes is a low cost ACARS message decoder that connects seamlessly to your ACARS environment. It provides a powerful operational management capability, delivers communication efficiency and has a proven track record in generating significant cost savings. All tenants of the AviIT value proposition. For example, Archimedes can identify Post Flight Reports and format them into human readable format issuing them via email or FAX to end user departments. Likewise OOOI data can be decoded and used to feed engineering and crew management systems. The Archimedes Airboard™ is a low cost visual monitoring and alarm tool that interfaces to Archimedes to provide engineers and airline operations departments with a heads-up display detailing aircraft status, error messages and flight phases of their ACAR's enabled aircraft. It removes the need to monitor telex printers or ACARS message interfaces and provides real-time decision making information. Alarms can be configured on specific events such as ECAM warnings, abnormal operating conditions and major delays alerting staff and hastening resolutions. Archimedes Airboard™ also includes a user configurable aircraft dashboard to allow users to monitor a single aircraft in more detail. A graphical flight tracking and location plotting facility is also provided with the ability for operations departments to overlay key information such as weather. Our technical capabilities are not reserved for our own products. Our ability to apply our expertise in support of our clients’ own technical teams has won us many friends. From the development and management of IT infrastructure through to the highly specialist area of detailed ACARS consultancy, our technical team has an enviable breadth of sector expertise.


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