Bluebox IFE

Bluebox Ai and Bluebox Hybrid are the premier tablet-based IFE solutions delivering early window content (movies) from the leading Hollywood studios as well as TV, audio, books, magazine and games content.

Bluebox inflight entertainment solutions are available to the market via our Bluebox Avionics joint venture. There are 3 solutions in the Bluebox portfolio:

Bluebox Ai -  The Bluebox portable solution is based upon the Apple iPad and has been approved by all of the leading Hollywood studios for the delivery of early window content. This offers an engaging portable entertainment platform that is almost unique in its ability to deliver the latest release movies to airline passengers. The entertainment doesn't stop at movies though. Bluebox is able to offer TV and audio content as well as books, magazines and a wide range of stunning games. Bluebox blends the capabilities of leading devices such as the iPad with interactivity of many familiar games to create an entertainment experience in the aircraft cabin that takes passengers to another world.

Bluebox Hybrid - Bluebox Hybrid is an enhanced version of Bluebox Ai providing the additional ability to connect to any approved 3rd party streaming system. As streaming of early window content is not permitted to passenger owned devices, the Bluebox Hybrid solution steps in to fill the gap allowing airlines to offer EWC on the Bluebox device while both Bluebox Hybrid and passenger owned devices have access to all non-EWC content available from the streaming server. 

Bluebox wiFE - The Bluebox Wireless IFE (Bluebox wiFE) solution was created in conjunction with Cobham Aerospace to deliver wireless streaming of content to both Airline and passenger owned devices throughout the cabin. Passengers can use their own supported portable devices to access the Bluebox streaming content and services and of course Bluebox portable devices allow the deliver of EWC where that is desired. Airlines decide the range of services made available from the Bluebox wiFE solution and commercial model for their delivery.

Bluebox appeals to airlines seeking high quality content in an attractive, portable package with very high customer satisfaction ratings testimony to its impact. Bluebox solutions also offers airlines substantial ancillary revenue potential and this has led to its early and rapid deployment across the fleets of some of the world’s most progressive low cost carriers. The Return-on-investment is compelling.  Passengers are delighted with the Bluebox IFE experience. Airlines are delighted with the results. Bluebox has been built for today and designed for tomorrow.

The  Apple, iPad and Cobham are trademarks of their respective owners. 

We have the following downloads available for Bluebox IFE:

  • Bluebox Avionics
  • Bluebox Ai
  • Bluebox Wireless IFE (Wife)

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